Canvas Adding Non-Tufts Accounts to a Canvas Course SiteHow do I add a Non-Tufts account to a Canvas course site?

How do I add a Non-Tufts account to a Canvas course site?

Teachers, TAs, and Designers can add non-Tufts user accounts to a Canvas course site.

If the person you would like to add to the course site already has a Tufts account, do not add them with a personal or non-Tufts email address. Add them to the site using their email address instead.

Make sure the Canvas site is Published

The Canvas site must be published before non-Tufts accounts are added.

Click on the People tool

Click the "+ People" button

In the Email Addresses box, enter the user's non-Tufts email address, use the dropdown box to select the user's role, and click "Next"

Click "Click to Add Name"

Add the user's name and click "Next"

Click "Add Users"

Instructions for new users: Registering a guest account

Canvas will send the user an email containing a "Get Started" button

When the user clicks on the "Get Started" button, a web page will open with a "Create My Account" button

New users should always click on the "Create My Account" button and not the "I Have a Canvas Account" button.

When the user clicks on the "Create My Account" button, a new web page is displayed allowing the user to create a password, set a Time Zone and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy

When the user enters the account password, time zone and agrees to the Use Policy and clicks "Register," the user is automatically added to the course site and the Home page for the course site is displayed.

If the user has not accepted the invitation after a few days, resend the invitation

If the user has not received the Canvas email, or has not registered the guest account, or if the account was added when the course site was unpublished, the instructor (after publishing the site) can go to the People tool and resend the invitation to individual or all manually-added users.