CanvasNew and Upcoming Changes to CanvasMedia storage and Student View button changes

Media storage and Student View button changes

In this Canvas release, media created in the Rich Content Editor is stored in the Course, Groups, or User Files folder. Also,  the location of the Student View button has changed.

These changes will take effect Saturday, December 19. For a detailed look at these and other changes, see the full Canvas Release Notes.

Finding and reusing media recorded in the Rich Content Editor

Previously, when Canvas users recorded or uploaded Media in the Rich Content Editor, the files were not accessible; they could not be reused, edited or deleted. In this release, any media that is recorded or uploaded using the Upload/Record Media link will be stored in the course Files. If the media is recorded in a group site, the file is saved in the group Files. For students who record or upload media for an assignment submission, the media file is stored in the User Files folder.

These media files can be downloaded and shared like all other files in the Files page.

The Upload/Record Media tool in the Rich Content Editor does not support captions for accessibility. If possible, we recommend using My Media/Media Gallery to record and upload video, which will be automatically captioned in accordance with the Tufts captioning policy.

Student View button

The Student View button now displays in all supported pages across a Canvas course site. (Previously, it was only located on the home page.) The Student View button now appears as a small square with a glasses icon in the upper-right corner of a page.