CanvasCanvas GradesHow do I create gradebook columns from a spreadsheet import?

How do I create gradebook columns from a spreadsheet import?

If you want to quickly create a number of gradebook columns for graded items that will not be submitted through Canvas you can do so by importing a spreadsheet.

Download the import template and open it in Excel

Download the template file and open it in Microsoft Excel:

Create a column for each gradebook column

DO NOT EDIT THE FIRST FIVE COLUMNS (A-E). Those columns need to stay as-is in the template.

Column F and after will be turned into gradebook columns.

  • The first row will be the Gradebook Column Title
  • The second row will be the Point Value

Save the file as a .csv (Comma Separated Values)

The file is already a .csv so you should be able to save it as is, but if Excel asks you to save it as an excel format file make sure to keep it as .csv

Open the "Grades" tool in your Canvas course

Under the Actions menu, select "Import."

Click "Browse" to select the .csv file from your computer and then "Upload Data"

Select "A new assignment" for each grade and confirm point value

Go down the list and select "A new assignment" for each item. If you had any errors in your upload that created incorrect columns, you can select "Bogus, ignore it".

Confirm that the "Points Possible" for each item is correct.

Click "Continue" when done.  

Click "Save Changes" on the next page

This page is mostly blank because it is used to confirm grade changes when the import file contains student grades. Just click "Save Changes" to complete the import.

Drag the columns to the correct order

The import process puts the columns out of order, but you can drag and drop the columns into the correct order. You can also confirm that the title and point value of each column is correct.

Create Assignment Groups to set up weighted grading categories

If you use weighted categories go to the Assignments tool and create an Assignment Group for each category by clicking on the "+ Group".

Drag the Assignments into the appropriate groups

The imported assignments will go into whatever assignment group is at the top. After you create the Assignment Groups for your grading categories drag the assignments into the appropriate group by clicking on the "handle" to the left of the assignment icon and dragging.

Enable Assignment Groups Weight

Click the menu icon to the right of the "+ Assignment" button and select "Assignment Groups Weight".

Select the "Weight final grade based on assignment groups" option and then enter the percentage of the final grade for each group/category. Click "Save" when done.

Confirm that the categories are correct in the Grades tool

The weighted categories appear at the far right of the Grades tool, so you may have to scroll to the right to see them.