CanvasCanvas Peer ReviewHow do I manage a Manual Assigned Peer Review assignment?

How do I manage a Manual Assigned Peer Review assignment?

Setup your Peer Review assignment to Manually Assign Peer Reviews (Example:)

After Saving (or Save and Publishing), Click on the name of the Assignment, then click "Peer Reviews"

To manually assign peer reviews, click "Give * another submission to access (+) and select  student from the dropdown box

Click Add

This allows the student to access the selected student's submission and submit a peer review.

Note: You can assign as many peer reviews to an individual student as you want. You can also assign a student to be peer reviewed by more than one other student



With Manually Assigned Peer reviews, as soon as a student has submitted the assignment AND the student whose submission was assigned to be peer reviewed is submitted, the student can access the other student's submission by going to the assignment and clicking on the name of the person they were assigned to peer review

Example: Jill Doe was manually assigned to peer review Jack Doe's submission

Student Reviewer's View of Peer Review:

1- Student  can download the other student's submission

2- Student can click on "View Feedback", which opens the Canvas document viewer and can view and annotate the other student's submission (Note: The Canvas document viewer and annotation tool is not available for anonymous peer reviews)

3- Student can leave a comment for the other student

4- Student can attach a file as part of the peer review

5- Student can create and post a webcam video as part of the peer review

6- Comments (written or webcam) must be saved

Instructor's  View of Peer Reviews

Example: John Doe's Peer Review of Jane Doe's submission

The reviewed student's  view of their Peer Review (Jane's View of John's peer review)

Student clicks on Assignment / "Submission Details" to see their review.

1- Reviewed student can see reviewer's annotation by clicking on "View Feedback"

2- Reviewed student can see reviewer's comments

Instructor's SpeedGrader view of assignment submission and Peer Review

Some Important considerations when using a Manually Assigned Peer Review Assignment:

  • When a peer review has been assigned, students can view a notification in their Dashboard "To Do" sidebar or Activity Stream. Students will also receive an email notification.
  • To complete a peer review, students must review the assignment and leave a comment on the submission details page
  • Students cannot view previously submitted comments by any other reviewers or comments made by TAs or other instructors.
  • You can also assign a rubric to the assignment. If the assignment includes a rubric, students must only complete the rubric to complete the peer review. However, you can choose to ask your students to also leave a comment in the comment sidebar. The rubric score is used for an assessment opinion only; you must review the assignment and assign the final grade.
  • Students do not receive a grade for completing a peer review, nor is there an assigned Due date for the peer review to be completed. If you want to assign extra points for peer reviews, you can create a No Submission assignment in the Gradebook and assign points manually. The Peer Review page for the assignment will show the names of students who have completed the peer review indicated by a check-mark.

Manually Assigned Anonymous Peer Reviews

As part of creating a peer review, the anonymous option allows you to hide the name of the student reviewer from the student with the submission. The reviewer cannot see the name of the assigned person whose work is to be reviewed, and the student who submitted the assignment cannot view names associated with any comments.

Manually assign peer reviews the same as non-anonymous peer review

Students, however, cannot see the name of the person they are assigned to peer review

If you are using anonymous peer reviews, remind students not to name their submitted files with their name or indicate their name in the body of the submission document.

Students cannot see the name of the person that reviewed them

Instructors can see the name of the reviewer  in the SpeedGrader.

Some important considerations when using manually assigned anonymous peer reviews

  • Email notifications sent to students about peer reviews are anonymous. Student reviewers cannot view the name of the person whose work they are reviewing.
  • Once a peer review has been assigned, the viewing setting cannot be changed. For instance, a regular peer review cannot later be made anonymous—and appear anonymous—unless the peer review is deleted and re-assigned.
  • Canvas DocViewer does not support anonymous comments, so it cannot be used for annotated feedback on assignments with anonymous peer reviews.
  • When anonymous peer reviews are enabled, you and your TAs can still view the names of student reviewers in SpeedGrader and in the student submission page.