CanvasCanvas Scheduler (Sign-up)Instructor: - How do I check student sign-ups?

Instructor: - How do I check student sign-ups?

If you have created a Canvas Appointment Group for student sign-up, there are a number of places in Canvas that you can check which, if any, students have reserved a sign-up slot.

For directions on setting up a Canvas Appointment Group see:
How do I create an Appointment Group (Sign-up)?

If a student has signed up for an appointment you will receive an email at your Tufts email address (make sure your Notifications (Account / Notifications) are set to receive such email notifications)

Go to Calendar

This displays your Canvas Calendar.

Make sure the course site calendar(s), for which the Appointment Group was attached is an active calendar

Active course calendars have colored boxes. If a course calendar is inactive (un-colored box), click on the box to activate the calendar

If you are viewing the calendar via Agenda View, all appointments and registrants will be listed

If not viewing via Agenda View, go to the Dates specified in the Appointment Group

Placing your cursor on the appointment will display any appointment that students have created

Click on an Appointment entry

This displays the details of the individual student appointment.

Note: Holding your cursor over the appointment entry will display a short version of the appointment details

Click Group Details

This displays the editing page for the appointment group

Here you can Edit the details of the appointment group and see the names of the students that have signed-up

To Contact students click Message Students

If you want to receive an email notification when a student signs up for an appointment, make sure your Notifications (Account / Notifications) are set to receive such email notifications