CanvasCanvas New QuizzesHow do I add questions to an existing Item Bank?

How do I add questions to an existing Item Bank?

Once you create a question in New Quizzes, you can add that question to an Item Bank for use in other assessments. You can add Questions or Stimuli from any course where you have permission to create and edit a quiz using New Quizzes.

After a question has been added to an item bank, all question properties other than point value and certain options must be edited in the item bank.

Go to Quizzes

Open the quiz

Find the quiz you want to open. Click on the three vertical dots to view the options menu and select "Build."

Click on the pencil icon to edit an existing question

Click "Item Banking"

Click "Add to Bank"

Choose "Existing item bank", use the dropdown box to select a bank, and click "Add"

This adds the question to the Item Bank.

Click on "Item Banks" to view the question in the Bank


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