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How Do I create a Free-form Comment Rubric?

Instructors can create and add a Free-form Comments Rubric to an assignment. For directions on how to create a Ratings Block Rubric see:

How do I create a Ratings Block Rubric?

Go to Assignments

Click on the name of the Assignment.

Click Add (+) Rubric

Note: If this is a Turnitin assignment, edit the assignment to remove the Turnitin submission type, add the Rubric and then go back and add the Turnitin submission type back to the assignment.

Title the Rubric

If you want to re-use or copy a rubric you have used on a different assignment or different course site (or use a department created rubric), click on "Find a Rubric"

In the Rubric Options, checkmark "I'll write free-form comments when assessing students"

Click on the edit (pencil) icon for the first Criterion, then enter a title and a long description of the criterion (optional)

Click "Update Criterion".

Enter the maximum number of points that can be awarded for this criterion.

Click Add (+) Criterion to add a new criterion

Note: You can add a new criterion, duplicate the last criterion or select a previous criterion. Duplicating a criterion or using a previous criterion copies all the criterion information and points. You can then edit these items.


Note: Make sure the total maximum number of points awarded via the Rubric is equal to the number of points set for the assignment.

Set the Rubric Options, then click "Create Rubric"

1- If you want to remove points from the rubric, select the Remove points from rubric checkbox. If this option is selected, no points are associated with the rubric, but students can still be rated using the rubric criterion.

2- If you have the Learning Mastery Gradebook enabled but you don't want outcome results to be posted to the Learning Mastery Gradebook, select the "Don't post Outcomes results to Learning Mastery Gradebook" checkbox. If this option is selected, students will be able to see rubric and outcome results in the Grades and submission details pages but results will not be posted to the Learning Mastery Gradebook.

3- If you want to use the rubric for grading in SpeedGrader, select the Use this rubric for assignment grading checkbox.

4-If you don't want students to see the score total for the rubric, select the Hide score total for assessment results checkbox. Students can still see the point values for each criterion, but the total score will not be shown at the bottom of the rubric. This option is only available if the rubric is not used for grading.

SpeedGrader - Click View Rubric and click and drag out the right panel for better viewing


If you selected "Use Rubric for Grading", you can enter comments and points for each criterion. Checkmark "Save this comment for reuse" to reuse the comment on the rubric grading for other students.

When finished grading, click Save

This will place the total points awarded to the student in the Grade box in the SpeedGrader and in the grade cell in the Gradebook. It will also post a summary of the criteria and comments for the student.