CanvasPiazzaHow does an instructor post a question in Piazza?

How does an instructor post a question in Piazza?

Go to Piazza.

Click on New Post.

This displays the new post page.

Select Post Type, Post To and a folder to store the post.


  • If this a question that you would like a response to, select "Question" as the Type.
  • You can ask a question of the entire class or individual students.
  • Select an appropriate folder to store the contents of the question/answer. You may want to edit the default folder selections.

Enter a Summary for the question, the question details and Posting Options.

Note on Posting Options:

By default, students receive an email notification in the form of a digest every 2 hours. The digest contains details on all of the site’s posts made within that two hour period.  If no posts are made, no digest email is sent.

However, students have the ability in their account settings to receive no emails, or a daily digest or real time emails.

This posting option, if checked, will send an email immediately to each student regardless of their account settings.

Click Post My Question.

This posts the question on the Q&A page.

Example of a question posted by an instructor.

Example of the email sent to each student (if e-mail option was selected).