CanvasCanvas Kaltura CaptureHow do I edit my video start and end points?

How do I edit my video start and end points?

This article will walk you through how to edit the front and end of your video.

Open the Video You Would like to Edit

Open the video you want to edit by clicking on the video in My Media. The my Media area can be accessed from Canvas (in the left hand navigation of your course), or in MediaSpace.

Click Actions then Edit

Click Launch Editor

The Editor will Open


  1. Preview Window: This displays the video at a selected time.
  2. Play button: Press this to watch and listen to the video in real time.
  3. Timeline: This is a preview of the entire video from start to finish. The far left is the start of the video wile the far right is the end. The blue line indicates the sound level of the video at that moment.
  4. Current Time Indicator: This indicates the current time of the video. The image shown in the preview window is controlled by the Current Time Indicator. When you press play it will move to the right as the video plays.

Click on the Timeline

Click on the 'Timeline' to select it. Once selected, it will be gain a yellow boarder.  

Note that when you click on the time line the, 'Current Time Indicator' will move to that spot and the the 'Preview Window' will update to show that moment in the video.

Hover Your Mouse Over the Tab

When you hover your mouse over the tab at the front or end of the video it will change its appearance (in the image above the mouse is hovering over the front, left, tab in the 'Timeline').

Drag Tab To Edit Front or End of Video

Drag the tab right to remove from front or drag left to remove from end. The parts that are grey will be deleted, while the parts in the color will be preserved.

This is best used to remove the beginning and end of the video. Removing the time when you were making the power point full screen of stopping the recording.

Note that the section of video that is greyed out is not permanently deleted until you save it.

Press Play to Check your Edit

It is critically important that you play back the video to ensure that your edits are correct.

Note that while the thumbnail images are a good indicator of what is playing on the screen during that part of the video they are not accurate enough to base your edits on.

Click 'Save a Copy'

Click 'Save a Copy' to create a new edited version of your video.

Be sure to click 'Save a Copy' not 'Save' to avoid potentially corrupting your video files.