Canvas Canvas Course CopyHow do I copy one Canvas course site to another Canvas course site?

How do I copy one Canvas course site to another Canvas course site?

Instructors, TA or Course Designers can copy content and activities from one Canvas course site to another Canvas course site if they have an account on both sites.

Go to the NEW Canvas site and click “Settings”

This displays the course site settings

On the right side of the display, click “Import Course Content”

This displays a import content dialogue box.

Use the Content Type Dropdown box and select "Copy a Canvas Course"

This displays a search for a course dialogue box.

Enter the name of the course you want to copy (as you type a list of your course sites is displayed).

Under Content, select either "All Content" or "Select Specific Content"

To import all content from the course, select the All Content radio button.

If you select the specific content option, you will be able to select which content to copy after the copy function has been processed.

Optional - Adjust Events and Due Dates

As part of a course import, you can adjust the due dates associated with course events and assignments. You can also shift due dates to a different day, or remove all associated due dates.

We recommend that you not use this option but rather manually adjust the dates in assignments and events

Click “Import”

This will initiate the import process and list the process in a “Current Jobs” panel.

Once the job is complete the content is copied from the old course site to the new course site


If you selected the specific content option, click on the “Select Content” button and select the specific content you want copied

Example A:

Example B:


The import may also display other status indicators as part of the import process.

Group sets do not copy as part of the import. Any existing group sets in the new course will be linked to the group set with the same name. However, if there are no group sets with the same name in the new course, the assignment will be linked to a new Project Groups set.

When selecting individual assignments, assignments are placed in an assignment group called Imported Assignments. However, assignments can be moved into other assignment groups as necessary.

Enrollment-related data, which includes course users, collaborations, conferences, groups, and sections, and feature option settings are not included in course content imports.

Announcements and Discussions do not retain the name of the user who originally created the course content.