Canvas Tufts Library Reading ListsHow do I set up the Reading List option for my course?

How do I set up the Reading List option for my course?

For some schools, the Reading List tool is listed by default in the Canvas course site navigation panel.  If it is not listed by default, then instructors must first add the Reading List tool to the Canvas course site.

To add the Reading list tool to a Canvas course, click Settings.

This displays the Canvas course site settings page.  

Click the Navigation tab.



Go to the Hidden Tools at the bottom of the screen and drag the Reading List tool to the Active tools.

Then go back down to the bottom and click SAVE. This will add the Reading List tool to your course site.

Go to the Reading List.

The first time you go to the Reading List tool you see a series of introductory Leganto screens about how to use the tool. You can either exit the introduction by clicking on the X or you can click "Got It, dont show this again" if you would prefer to skip it after the first time.

If there is a reading list already for the course you added the tool to, you should see that list at the top of the Reading Lists display, with a notification: "Lists associated with Course." The libraries are migrating courses from our old system into the Reading List tool so that they are available right away for you to update and approve.

Click anywhere inside the box to open the list.

The list will display for your review.